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Breaking the Silence  




























Breaking the Silence doesn't try to explain what the lives of all women with autism are like. It tells the stories of individual women, women who are on the autism spectrum and have a diagnosis. It tells their stories in their own words, and in their own pictures. The stories have only been edited to help these women have their voices heard.


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Although there are women who have spoken up about their autism, such as Temple Grandin, Donna Williams, and Rudy Simone, autism is still generally thought of as a male condition. These women are speaking, but most ordinary women still stay silent, for different reasons of their own. Maybe they already tried to speak, but were not heard. Many women are still met with disbelief when they suggest that they might have autism, even when they’ve managed to get a diagnosis.


“You can’t be autistic – you’re far too normal”. But what is normal anyway?

“You have mild autism”.

“You are high functioning”. But what is mild autism, and what does high functioning mean?


It is surely better to cast aside these unhelpful terms and descriptions, and to look at the women themselves. What are their lives like, how do they feel, what are their struggles and their triumphs? What sets them apart from other women?